Sunday, May 01, 2005

Controlling the Public Discourse

Saw Dr. Eric Alterman, one of my peeps, speaking on C-Span from the LA Times Book Fair. His first and most immediate point was that of course the majority party, the Red One, controls the public discourse, the kinds of subjects we speak of, and the things that the Media singles out to highlight. Since the Republicans dominate so much media with their Right Wing Noise Machine and the agenda of both houses of Congress, how can they still manage to whine about the Librul Media ? This is a one-way street - the only traffic possible is routed by Messrs. Rove, Delay, Hastert, and Murdoch. Amazingly, back when Jim Jeffords left the Repugs, we had a whole new set of topics in Congress. Of course, choosing the focus of interest doesn't always work smoothly. Can you say Shiavo? or is it Shee ah vo ?


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