Tuesday, June 07, 2005

New Standards for College Aid

During the debates leading up to the election, Preznit W insisted that the way to boost his lackluster employment numbers was to educate and re-educate all of us. Although he claims he is an "education president", his Department of Education has just made a move guaranteed to provide less, not more. The formula for financial aid, already mysterious at best, has been made more restrictive, and more expensive. Typically, a family will need to spend $1749 more per year in 2005 than than five years ago. As the Times tells us, this will make the difference whether some kids will go to school, or not at all. It's like Jon Stewart noted about the Environmental Protection Agency- they can drop Environmental and Protection from their name because they don't do that kind of thing any more: it's just an Agency. Now we have a Department of Education that is just a Department. Period.


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