Thursday, July 28, 2005

Judge Roberts' Latest Decision

The current administration was able to recently avoid the Geneva Convention in the case against a Mr. Hamdan, supposedly Osama Bin Laden's driver. From Bruce Shapiro at The Light of Reason:

Well, one day after being interviewed by President Bush, a Federal Appeals panel, three judges of which Judge Roberts was a member, handed down a unanimous decision—all three judges, by the way, Reagan-Bush appointees—permitting the tribunals to go forward, reinstating them, and in particular, invalidating those Geneva Convention protections, and saying, in fact, that the courts had no business reviewing this question of Geneva Convention status, that it was purely a matter for the Executive Branch.

Judge Roberts has already been very useful to the Bush Regime. Although we don't know much about John Roberts' meager judicial record, we can assume he will favor an unrestricted Executive Branch over the "quaint" Geneva Convention.


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