Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Merv Grazinski Case

Today the LA Times exposes some of those urban legend, bogus court cases cited by tort reformers to show how out of control our courts are becoming.

Take the Mike Grazinski case. Once upon a time, "Merv" set his cruise control on his Winnebago, but then got up and went to the back of his trailer to make a cup of coffee! His Winnebago crashed and burned of course, but he managed to sue the trailer manufacturer (for nearly $2,000,000) for not telling him he couldn't leave the wheel. The problem with this case is that it never happened. It's a fake. It's made up. Falsehood hasn't kept this story from being repeated on many media outlets without debate.

The Times article says that the real data points to no crisis whatsoever in litigation. Read the whole article.


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