Friday, January 13, 2006

A Totally Republican Scandal

MSM types like Tweety Bird Chris Matthews and Glenn Reynolds have been struggling to portray the Abramoff business as a bipartisan scandal, repeating their ledes that Dems like Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton received donations from Native-American tribes, some of whom were Jack Abramoff's clients.

It's as if these well paid pundits have absolutely no understanding of the charges in this case.As we all know, these tribes were Abramoff's victims; they are not being charged with doing anything whatsoever wrong, except overpaying Scorpion Jack by about a kajillion dollars.

Democrats were not paid money by Abramoff to encourage them to side with his clients, period. The FEC notes that Jack Abramoff only contributed to Republicans. In any case, if any Democrat ever meant to vote favorably on Indian matters, they were trampled in the Republican stampede to get their choices on the record.


Blogger Floyd said...

Hey coldflame when you check your comments go to my page,the NSA needed this one. It seems anyone can buy your cell phone records.Hey on this Abramoff thing the media has all but forgot it,or they are trying to dig up a lone Democrat which can not be found. The media these days seem to be a good working tool for the conservative agenda.

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