Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bold for Christ

Poor Tom DeLay was attacked by secular sharks because he was just too Christian. I don't think so. I've recently learned about DeLay's involvement (from Ms. Magazine) in keeping reform legislation out of our territory, the Northern Marianas.

Sweatshops in the Marianas paid at least $650,000 to Delay's organization, United Families. These garment entrepreneurs and island officials funnelled money through Jack Abramoff to pay for at least 100 congressional visits to the resorty parts of the Marianas. In return, the Bugman made sure that immigration reform wasn't enacted in the House - though there were plenty of concerned sponsors. DeLay said the Marianas were "a petri dish of capitalism." Hooray for the Free Market i.e., one out of control through Congressional negligence.

Women sewing in the garment factories there were from China, the Phillipines, and Thailand where they could only make 60 cents an hour. In the Marianas they could make $3.05 /hour, but with no U.S. regulation. In order to emigrate these foreign workers had to borrow money (up to $7000) from usurers. To pay off these fees, the women might work as many as a 20 hours a day. Thousands of female workers were encouraged to abort any expensive things like children. Any of this sound Christian yet ? Read the Ms. article.


Blogger Richard said...

That's really appalling. Honestly, it's a times like this when I wish that political advertising and campaigning was limited to a budget set and paid by the government for both sides of the campaign. Honestly, fundraising and the everlasting quest for funding loopholes is destroying our political system.

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