Monday, September 18, 2006

My Way or the Highway

The President and his cohorts see the world in much too simple a fashion. In the Rose Garden this week, Bush informed us all that if he couldn't get special exemption for CIA interrogation(read TORTURE), then the CIA wouldn't be questioning any more terrorists. Similarly, Bush indicated that if he had to get warrants for wiretaps, his surveillance program would be ruined. Even though thousands of warrants have been granted since the beginnings of FISA, this President would not be able to continue.

Too often this administration has applied this Manichean, with-us-or-against-us simplicity to totally complex problems,like starting a Democracy where it never existed before - as in Iraq. Certainly it is effective to publicly show resolve (although I wouldn't bait the crazies by inviting them to "Bring it on".That seems like fraternity trash talk.)But somewhere in the background, some efforts at diplomacy are hopefully going on. Right now, it appears that the hopes of our soldiers and their families may hinge on the efforts of James Baker,Bush I's consigliore, to extricate from this unnecessary, useless war.


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