Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Who's In Charge Here ?

Before the last election, polls showed most respondents favoring the way that Dubya had handled terrorism i.e., he was the one who would be tough, not Kerry. Evidently, Pilot George W. Bush had proved himself flying plants from Texas to Florida during the Viet Nam years. Most people polled must have thought it was OK for Bush to continue his reading of My Pet Goat after we were attacked. Now, recent events show reality rearing its ugly head again. It seems that every time the Preznit is closely, immediately involved with a terrorist situation, something strange happens. We learned today that, yes, it was a live grenade at Bush's speech in Georgia. Our protector didn't know about it until after he'd left the country. When an unknown plane drove everyone running briskly from our seat of government in the middle of an afternoon last week, the Preznit was out riding his bicycle and reading I Am Charlotte Simmons, a book he's been working on for the last few months (you decide if it's a step up from the Goat book). He'd better be careful about reading while riding; he might skin his nose again. Once more, tough-on-terror George wasn't even informed that something unusual was going on until it was all over. Perhaps it's about time to give our Secret Service the Medal of Freedom...


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