Sunday, June 12, 2005

We All Have Good Memories

The sort of misrepresentations that Preznit Bush puts out appear to be somewhat contagious. In their recent meeting, Tony Blair rushed to quash a reporter's question on the Downing Street Memo. In the course of his put down, Blair repeated the idea that Saddam hadn't let inspectors back in to Iraq just before the war, a contention we have also heard from Bush. Why would Blair say such a thing ? Perhaps he said this because he heard Preznit Bush get away with saying the same thing. Everyone one knows that of course our inspectors were back in Iraq at that time. Do these world leaders think that the millions of us (that their actions affect) forget yesterday's news? The build up to this war was not that long ago. We still remember Hans Blix and his team in Iraq-just before the war. The inspection teams returned to Iraq in November of 2002. In January of 2003, Blix reported to the U.N. They were there and ,guess what, the Bush people were so exasperated that his team wasn't finding WMDs. Why do Blair (and Bush) think we won't remember exactly what was happening? Isn't it our journalists' job to point out this kind of surreal lie ?


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