Sunday, October 30, 2005

Business as Usual

Today on the political shows more than one of the uniformly right leaning commentators wondered aloud why Scooter Libby would do such a stupid thing as perjuring himself over such a small matter like the Niger yellowcake. How these highly paid media characters retain their jobs is beyond my comprehension.After all the lies of the Bush Administration and their typical ad hominem attacks, how can they find Libby's lies surprising ? The Press has let them get away with it so many times before, why would anyone in Cheney's office think this would be any different? This is just business as usual, the signature strategy of Karl Rove, passed down from Lee Atwater.Anna Quindlen describes the situation well:
"The investigation of who leaked what to whom, of what the reporter knew and how she knew it, may be about national security and journalistic ethics, but at its base it is about something more important: the Nixonian lengths to which these people will go to shore up a bankrupt policy and destroy those who cross them on it."


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