Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Right Idea

"Why can't the Democrats stop praising Bush and his fascist nominees?
If they don't have anything bad to say, why say anything?" - Bartcop

Why say good things about Bush or his nominee ? To be statesman-like? To preserve peace in Congress? Don't be so naive. Republicans like Delay would turn around and metaphorically slit your throat with a smile. It is a known fact that GWB will never budge an inch off message (the definition of Stuck on Stupid) or give even a nod to compromise. He has proven it time and time again. I can't recall a time when he compromised on any issue. Much was made of his qualified admission that the Federal response to Katrina was not quite all it should have been.Why vote for Roberts or Miers ? They're not our kind of candidate. There is no benefit in acting civil towards Bush's schemes.


Blogger Neil Shakespeare said...

JIM: No reason at all. So why do the Dems do it? What is this? The "Little Old Lady" factor? Can't say a bad word about Grandma? More likely it's, "Never speak ill of the dead." by the looks of her...

And thanks for your comments over at my blog. Got you linked over there now.

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