Saturday, November 12, 2005

Naked Cynicism

I simply had to reproduce the following letter from a reader of The Salt Lake Tribune because I think it says so much about what I don't understand about Republican politics today:

After hearing the GOP's proposed budget that plans to cut spending for foster care and nutritional programs while simultaneously proposing in excess of $50 billion in tax cuts, I had to respond to this naked cynicism.

For a party that espouses evangelical Christian values, this is like removing Matthew 25:31-46 from the Bible and giving the Pharisees any savings. Excellent foster care allows women an option to abortion. Isn't this a Christian solution rather than legislating morality?

Isn't feeding the poor a Christian ideal? Imagine Christ telling the multitude of 5,000 that this is an "ownership society" and to go feed themselves. Imagine Christ teaching that children are important inside the womb, but that after birth they are on their own, depending on their circumstances.

If you want a Christian government, put your money where your mouth is rather than empty words.

Edwin Maynard

Joshua Holland posted this in Gadflyer. Thank you, Mr. Maynard.


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