Monday, January 23, 2006

Miyazaki Sensei

From Spirited Away

Turner Classic Movies, a movie channel that is usually so stingy with their treasures, has a great feature this month. Every Thursday night TCM is showing two features by Hayao Miyazaki. His works are sort of like anime, but not really. They are imaginative fables, often environmentally conscious, done in a very non-Western style. Some of his work would be rather disturbing to young viewers.

Pictured above is Chihiro,an endlessly courageous little lady, in Spirited Away. She deals with the transformation of her parents into pigs by a witch when her family wanders into a magical world of spirits and monsters, all created with marvelous invention.Miyazaki's characters, even his monsters, seem to possess several layers of ambiguity.

Watch for future showings of all these Miyazaki gems.Link to the trailers on this page.
Kaonashi, "No Face"


Blogger Neil Shakespeare said...

Yes! Been watching that and did a 'heads up' on it myself awhile ago. The first two Thursdays were fantastic. Maybe they showed the REALLY good stuff first. Porco Rosso was great last week too. They're all great, but I think 'Castle in the Sky' is my favorite. That chase scene is amazing. Well, it's ALL amazing. I'm praying for repeats.

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