Thursday, February 16, 2006

Success for Cheney's Company

Does this kind of report bother any of you like it does me? Capitalism is one thing, but this is just shamelessly cynical war profiteering.The VP's situation is an LOL conflict of interest,a continuous reminder of his consummate disregard for the American people he was elected to serve. Halliburton stock has gone up 14% already this year, yet it's only February. The company is preparing for a two-for-one stock split. I believe the VP has many, many thousands of shares. Now no bid contracts awarded out of his office have doubled their number. The question arises - how much money and/or power does one need ? Although Halliburton remains the sixth largest defense contractor, its KBR division is number one at the Pentagon. Just fine.


Blogger Richard said...

I'm disgusted with the adminsitrations unabashed spoils system.

11:08 PM  

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