Friday, June 09, 2006

Republican Priorities

From Jesus'General

Paul Krugman has a piece out today (pay the Times) that makes a lot of sense about this nonsense Republicans like Bill Frist call their "agenda." Krugman first notes how our Republican congress has nixed 648 million dollars from a bill to secure our ports against terrorists because it's too expensive. Here the Republicans mention our huge deficit, but neglect to indicate that the costs of the War and previous tax cuts are what made it so large. We are currently only checking five percent of what comes in to our ports. Now this week Frist and Co. want the U.S. to forego all of the estate tax, an estimated amount of 355 billion over the next ten years. This is a tax on those that America has done extremely well by, the top one-half of one percent of estates of the vastly wealthy. Let's see...355 billion divided by ten years, that makes 35.5 billion a year that we could use to save our lives, or give it to the wealthy, to make them even more wealthy...On the one hand we have 35.5 billion every year for ten years, on the other a one-time 628 million (with an M)... Doesn't seem like a sensible choice. The Republicans won't even accept a raise in the minimum level from two million dollars to three and a half million. Does that sound like a minimum to you ?

Don't these guys know or care that an endless war against terror is going on ?


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