Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Path to Accountability

It's a comeuppance. Clever producers and writers managed to get the queerly slanted "Path to 9/11" broadcast on ABC shortly before election time. Contrary to reality, Pres. Clinton and his people were roundly criticized for their efforts in trying to "get" Bin Laden. This in turn led right wing Fox News to continue what Chris Wallace thought was a gotcha moment against Clinton. The Big Dog turned the tables on a sheepish Wallace, pointing out that though he failed to kill Bin Laden he did try to do it, unlike GWB.

Since Clinton's Rebuttal, there has been a small avalanche of reversals for our great terrorist fighter, Dubya. Just maybe people are fed up with all the contrary talk of this administration. They truly seem to act like they weren't in power on Sept. 11,2001. While scrambling to insist that Clinton was "flatly false", the current pres has been forced to release the latest (two months old) NIE report, at least 3 pages of the 30. This report from all 16 intel agencies generally says that the Iraq War has made the terrorist situation worse, not better. Since declassifying those few pages, public opinion has not swung many to the President's interpretation: most have questioned his administration's efforts,judgment, and competence.

The current frenzy over the NIE report is so just - an outcome of the "Path to 9/11".


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