Wednesday, February 07, 2007

They Got It Right

Gen. Anthony Zinni

Gen. Anthony Zinni,former Commander-in-Chief of Central Command, led an attack on Saddam's forces called "Operation Desert Fox" in 1998 (according to Thomas Ricks in Fiasco).This enormous endeavor employed more rockets and bombs than the entire Gulf War. At the time, Clinton haters said that the President was only trying to distract the Public from his extramarital affair. Years later, it appears that these raids may have totally destroyed Hussein's ability to produce WMDs, and in the process, bombed his capabilities back to the nineteenth century.

Zinni disagreed with Neocons like Paul Wolfowitz about heading for Baghdad. Zinni said we would end up with a "Bay of Goats", a disastrous invasion worse than Jack Kennedy's Cuban mess. Zinni said, "This is going to generate another one of our defeats there where we get a bunch of people slaughtered." Zinni is quoted in Ricks' Fiasco.

Scott Ritter

Scott Ritter, Marine, major weapons inspector, warned us that Saddam wouldn't, couldn't be able to attack us. He spoke up at a time when administration types were trying to convince us that Saddam's rockets, with a maximum range of 200 miles, were somehow going bomb American cities. War zealots did all they could in the form of ad hominem attacks on Ritter - even suggesting that he was a pedophile, so we could not possibly listen to him.

These two were patriots who understood the needless devastation that lie ahead for our country and its soldiers.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Why the Hell Should Anyone Anywhere Listen to These Guys ?

All these wise men were wrong (year after year after year) about the Iraq War.

David Brooks

Tries to hide how really conservative he is by always appearing Generally Bemused By It All. Wrong about the uptake of the War, still wrong today, but appears in the Times quite regularly anyway.

David S. Broder

This Dean of Beltway Pundits has become convinced that he is as special as his bio indicates. Unfortunately, he doesn't always present the facts. Still, you may often see his columns reproduced in your local paper, and see him on television a great deal. He seems so invested in protecting his idea of the Washington Scene that he isn't too reliable a source.

Joe Klein

LINO- Liberal in Name Only. He becomes upset when actual liberal bloggers point out how often he criticizes the good guys, and sides with the Repugs.

These gentlemen must have contracts clad in strong bars of iron with their publishers !

Update: These writers are some of the Big Guns. There are so many others who got it all wrong !