Sunday, July 15, 2007

News That Really Isn't News

Bush and Bandar

In George W. Bush's last press conference, he mentioned al-Qaeda at least thirty times, insisting that they were the main cause of our troubles in Iraq. When you actually look at the numbers, this group is responsible for about 10% of the misery in Iraq. The LA Times reported today about where most of the suicide bombers come from : Saudi Arabia. Are they al-Qaeda ? Hard to tell when they blow themselves up into tiny pieces. I think it is likely that they are Wahhabi, though. In any case it seems that country that provides most of these outsiders in the Iraq War is Saudi Arabia, supposedly our staunch allies. To be fair, I would say this simply points out how different a "War on Terrorists" really is and how misbegotten it is to attack a whole country's government. It's really only smaller groups, not a country's army in total.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Yeah, But Can You Prove It ?

Today three Christian Extremists from Operation Save America disrupted a Hindu chaplain as he tried to deliver the invocation at the opening of Senate business. They were heard to shout that this prayer was an "abomination." They said there was no God but their God. I really would like to see them prove that.

An "F" for the Iraqi Parliament

I would like to see the Bush Regime treat America's school children as well as they treat the Iraqi Government. The benchmark report which just came out shows that the Iraqis haven't achieved any of the expectations at all. Tony Snow says they have made satisfactory progress in about half the areas examined.

Now, when the bureaucrats at No Child Left Behind (LOL) rate our schools, teachers, and kids they expect all 39 of their criteria to be met. If a school misses just one area, they get an "F". Consequently, many schools in my state, Florida, get an "A" on state ratings, but an "F" from NCLB. As a teacher, I would certainly be fired if I failed students because they missed one assignment. Yet we're supposed to be satisfied with the spin coming out of this White House.