Monday, June 13, 2005

Bush and AIDS in Africa

Most of us might figure that Preznit Bush owes Tony Blair one for being (by far) the most supportive of Bush's War, but you would be wrong. When Blair asked for aid money to control AIDS in Africa (about 25 billion dollars would do the job) , W couldn't quite match that amount. Bush later announced that our country was proud to offer 674 million dollars for this worthy cause. This munificent amount was not quite 3% of Blair's request. Not only that, this money was not anything new or additional to the current budget. It is comprised of previously budgeted funds that are now, finally, being released at the Preznit's order. Columbia Journalism Review points out that the U.S. spends less than one-tenth of one percent of GDP on such matters making us the least generous of all developed countries. Compassionate conservatism anyone ?


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