Saturday, August 06, 2005

A Fun Contest for All

Way back in '99, Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris (granddaughter of Florida orange grower Ben Hill Griffin, by the way) learned that her anti-felon computer search had at least one glitch. You see, the program singled out the bad voters by their names, and if you had the same name as a convicted, unreconstructed lawbreaker, you were also disenfranchised, though you never did nothing wrong. When she checked with her boss Jeb, he decided to continue with the purge as if no one would notice. Everything was just fine.

So we can't get too upset about her latest complaint. As an upcoming Senatorial candidate, Ms. Harris has protested that she has been treated unfairly by the media. Just shameful. She says that her photos are often colorized to make her look overly made up.

In response, the blog Tattered Coat has initiated a challenge to see who can colorize Ms. Harris' picture with the most artistry. Nice idea for a contest!

Crank Up Your Photoshop


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