Sunday, September 04, 2005

I Agree with Shakespeare's Sister

"Damn straight. Take a look at the international analysis of what's happening in America right now—the entire world is appalled, watching the richest country in the world let its people die of thirst, and yet that is the inevitable result of a ruling party who feels little obligation to its citizens. I once wrote: "The Conservative view ultimately benefits a very small minority; the Liberal view benefits us all." Never has that been more glaringly apparent than in the aftermath of Katrina, as those for whom Bush and his ilk have the greatest contempt turn to their government for help in a time of crisis as the whole world watches, and their government offers not compassion but blame."

"There are those now calling for Bush's impeachment. Fuck impeachment. The whole lot of them—every last conservative ideologue who has advocated "starving the beast," every last one of those selfish, soulless, anti-American bastards—ought to be rounded up and sent to the Superdome to live in the river of shit and piss until every single refugee has been provided safe sanctuary and a warm meal. Then Bush and his gang of cretins can clean up the trail of scattered corpses. Let the blood that belongs on their hands be a literal lesson for these pitiless pieces of human refuse. It's long overdue."Link here.


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