Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Republican War on Science

Chris Mooney was interviewed today on NPR'S Fresh Air about his book The Republican War on Science.In his review of recent events, Mooney claims that the Bush Administration has systematically attacked the consensus of certain scientific findings,particularly on Global Warming and Evolution.In describing Intelligent Design (which the President has suggested be taught alongside evolution in Science classes), Mooney insists that ID is not science, but "philosophical conjecture" or "speculation". In fact, Mooney points out that ID is actually religion, that cannot be demonstrated in a science experiment. There may be a Designer who created everything, but how does a scientist get to Him/Her ? He says Science attackers take advantage of a very small degree of uncertainty in studies on Evolutionary Science just to "muddy the waters". He also points out that ideologues currently in power "cherry pick" their issues. This explains why we can disallow The Kyoto Treaty but hurtle headlong to produce a dubious, exorbitant result for Missile Defense (called Star Wars in Reagan's time).


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