Monday, October 10, 2005

Help for the Poor Avoided

As we all know, we are all paying record prices at the gas pump while the oil companies are taking record profits (in the 40% range). Many are anticipating record prices for heating oil this winter. John Kerry tried to get an amendment added to any of several bills that would have activated a program (called the Community Services Block Grant Program)to help the poorest among us keep warm this coming winter. Frist and the Republicans blocked this amendment. It appears that they are more interested in continuing their tax cuts for the well off. In a vote of 50-49 Kerry's measure was defeated. Of course, this means that at least a few Republicans don't favor the elite rich and their exorbitantly excessive profits over the lives of the poor. The rest should be ashamed for their lack of compassion. However, Bob Geiger calls this just another cruel vote by the Republicans.


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