Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Dead -Eye Power Throwing

Thanks to Jesus' General for sending me to the Fight Fast website. This one promises to help me physically and spiritually by teaching me to defend myself by throwing paperclips at my attacker thereby impaling he/she in the head.

Here's why you might not have heard of this before :
"I call this power throwing™ a "lost art" because there's just FIVE masters who understand this - and four of them are either dead… in prison… or just won't talk. So you simply can't find this anywhere for any price. I'm not kidding one bit when I say this is info is teetering on becoming a lost art."

What a great site !


Blogger Neil Shakespeare said...

I sense "Paid Programming". That guy should be doing a late night infomercial. "And what do you think you would pay for such a powerful paper clip? A paper clip that could actually SAVE YOUR LIFE? $ 99.95? $ 49.95? Folks, I'm happy to tell you we are literally GIVING these things away at $ 29.95 (plus $ 5.95 shipping & handling, insurance extra). Allow 4 to 6 years for delivery..."

9:51 PM  

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