Friday, September 29, 2006

Straw Men

Probably my least favorite aspect of our American Media is the way they allow the Republicans in power to make up straw men to suit their agendas. No further questions asked. Dutifully reported.

Do all Democrats want to stop eavesdropping on terrorists as the Right says ? Of course not. We simply want the Feds to show some small accountability by obeying the FISA laws and getting a warrant.

Do Democrats want pull out our soldiers to aid al-Qaeda ? Of course not. We want to save our troops for the real war against terror, not for Bush's preemptive lies and the hatred of the Iraqi people.

Now Dennis Hastert claims that Democrats want to turn loose "the 130 most treacherous people in the world" and release them upon the populace. Not so again. Democrats simply question endless incarceration with no charges brought against these "enemy combatants." Many mistakes have already been made. Democrats expect them to be charged, tried, and convicted.

Republicans make this stuff up for their own needs or reelection strategies, but can't name a single Democratic leader who actually says these things.

Update: Perhaps one of the most "treacherous" people was right there with you in the House, Mr. Hastert. His name is Mark Foley. Apparently Hastert knew about Foley's unnacceptable text messages for a year and did nothing about it. This is Republican governance for you.


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