Saturday, May 07, 2005

Le Monde Selon Crumb

It's Only Lines on Paper, Folks !

Throughout the 60s Robert Crumb seemed a distant figure, who drew himself as "a loser schmuck" who couldn't possibly have been the one drawing those bizarrely creative Zap Comix. Now MQ Publications of London has produced a beautiful piece of publishing, The R. Crumb Handbook, that somewhat demystifies this artist. He tells us all about himself and his influences - everything we might want to know and more. He contends he took LSD as "a sort of substitute for committing suicide." The drug enabled him to directly tap into his most insane fantasies - a combination of darkside, pure id, and Jungian archetypes. Crumb explains how he always felt like an outsider "disgusted by reality" who was born into the wrong age. This volume contains the cream of Crumb, nicely structured in four sections labeled with the Toltec Indians' enemies of man: fear, clarity, power, and old age. Once again , we see Fritz the Cat, Flakey Foont, Mr. Natural, and Angelfood McSpade.

il GattoPosted by Hello
The artist modestly informs us, "I just combine my personal experience with classic cartoon stereotypes." As a bonus, The Handbook also contains a CD of Crumb's recreations of various vintage pop music. Highly recommended.


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