Sunday, October 16, 2005

Your Three Movies

A great friend of mine, Bob, always insisted that he had three movies that were a major influence on him as a young boy. Now, these were not the greatest award winning movies, but they simply struck a chord in him personally. His films were: Shane, Zulu, and Forbidden Planet. All quality productions for sure, but no Citizen Kane.

This seemed to work for me also. I liked these sort of junky ones : Apache, The Vikings, and King Solomon's Mines. In Apache, I remember the scene where Burt Lancaster is hunted down in the rows of a cornfield, one I re-enacted as a boy in the fields near my home. I was amazingly impressed with Kirk Douglas in The Vikings when he single handedly opens a castle by jumping its moat to the top of the closed drawbridge, thereafter forcing down the heavy door. And I always remembered the Watusi dancers in the Stewart Granger version of King Solomon's Mines.

Do you have films like these in your memory ?


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